The notation debate continues part 2

Twitter is fast become the place for music educators to air and debate views, yesterday the topic of music notation and theory and the place this has in music education sparked some interesting discussion. The release of OFSTED’s What Hubs Must Do was the start point and in particular the relevance placed on classical music and notation in parts of this. This post is an archive of some of the tweets central to the discussion.



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2 responses to “The notation debate continues part 2

  1. gary peck

    gary peck here
    in a matter of weeks every year 5 child can be up to grade 5 music theory this includes notation. it is so simple to teach. then after a few months when they have perfected what they have been taught, the child can then be taught to play a musical instrument correctly. if i was a ofsted music inspector i would give a glowing report this would be a much better preffered approach than teaching a child to play a few chords then be able to lamp outa few songs and not know a thing about how music works or notation.
    if you was asked to teach a whole class to construct the major scale in every
    key how would you teach it……….. think about it
    every child would need to know the musical alphabet [all 12 notes] then understand tones and semi tones then the major scale construction formula. ……….this is the correct way which allows children to learn every major scale.
    not 4 or 5 then expect the child to work out key signatures.
    all of this can quite easily be learnt in primary school

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