Summary of discussion about notation, theory and supporting classroom teachers!

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This week there has been quite a buzz about music education as Twitter lit up with ideas and theories following the publication of “What Hubs Must Do” by OFSTED.

For our overseas followers, mystified by the music education set up in England (it’s different in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales!) you can read more about OFSTED HERE and Hubs HERE

Three themes seemed to jump out of the report. Firstly that schools are failing to teach notation, theory and classical music. The second that music teaching in our schools is still not good enough and thirdly that hubs are failing to support curriculum music with the effect that not enough children are accessing quality music in schools.

By an amazing coincidence, the day before, Musical Futures heard that one of our champion schools had received an email criticising her delivery of the music curriculum and one of the main messages was that the teaching of notation and theory is essential in any music classroom. We feel strongly that it isn’t helpful to insist that any one approach or ideas is better than another. Part of the reason for making our resources free and accessible to all is so teachers can develop an approach that suits them, their students and their school. If this includes Musical Futures, great. It’s also fine if you decide it’s not for you. You can read more about this HERE.

Core team members Abi and Anna also responded, picking up the theme of notation and the place of this in Musical Futures lessons.

Many others responded on Twitter and we archived debates about Notation, Theory and the role that hubs should play in supporting curriculum music.

This has really got us music education folk thinking and many blogs have been written about the subject, giving a wide range of responses. The following list is not exhaustive so if you have more, please link to them in the comments box and we will add them!

The topic of our live chat on wednesday 20th November 8.30pm will be notation and theory, are we any further ahead? and how can hubs and others better support classroom teachers? If you would like to join us, use the hashtag #mufuchat to join the debate. If you can’t make the allotted time, use tha hashtag to continue the discussion.

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