#mufu2014 Recreating Vocals (Gitika Partington)

About Gitika Partington @gitikasings

Gitika is a singer, songwriter, harmonizer, choral arranger and trainer. She runs Bishopgate Singers, The Tubthumping Chorus and the Acland Burghley Harmony Singers. A member of the Natural Voice Practitioners Network, she delivers training for local education authorities and music services, and for people wanting to raise their skills in leading a community choir. She arranges songs mostly for Acapella SATB, and has two books published ‘Sing Pop A Capella’.

Gitika starting off with some warm-ups to make sure the voice is protected. Check out our advice on this here

Warm-ups starting with call and response and leading into a whole-group vocal arrangement of songs. Gitika showing how starting off with simple call and response warm-ups incorporating movement can lead into an effective layered vocal performance.

More vocal warm-ups available here

Next Gitika gets the group building up a Congolese a cappella, again layering vocal rhythms and movement as a way of exploring off beats and rhythm.

In Gitika’s second session she spent time with the group layering up a vocal performance by gradually introducing very short vocal riffs, building on them, shifting them, to an impressive performance that was generated entirely spontaneously:

Recreating Vocals: Pharell Williams ‘Happy’

Recreating vocals involves breaking down a song vocally, and building it back up to create a full vocal a capella performance. In this session Gitika is expertly breaking down ‘Happy’ by Pharell Williams – we’re all happy, great choice! The following videos document the various layers, getting increasingly complex with the whole group. Some of the delegates requested that Gitika broke down the vocal lines direct to camera following the session, so this appears at the end.

You can read more about Recreating Vocals here

Now Gitika explains the breakdown of each section to camera:


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2 responses to “#mufu2014 Recreating Vocals (Gitika Partington)

  1. Lovin’ this! Sitting at my computer joining in remotely – next best thing to actually being there 🙂

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