Brian Irvine Composing #mufuNI Feb 2014

“No matter how much you know about music, you can create incredible things”

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“Composition is the most exciting toy you can ever have. Limitless possibilities, easy and brilliant to use and so much fun!”

Idea 1: Create with sound

Idea 2-extension

3 conductors. Each group play short sounds “like a machine”. The 3 conductors direct and change the music

Idea 3- Set up a groove. Each player makes a single sound and the piece is built up from there.

Video to follow

Idea 3-Random riff-maker. We had issues with this as everyone chose the same note! But it’s a great idea to try

Comp is not imagining something in your head and writing it down. Brian describes the process here and models how this could work with a class. Once you have the melody play with it

  • Group notes together to make chords
  • Play with chords under each notes
  • Sing the melody

Add 2 new chords to create a B section, change to minor. Add instruments

Idea about Creating Lyrics

  • Newspapers-circle words
  • Listen to what happens around you
  • Ask people to say something on their mind then grab the rhythm then add notes to to create a melody line.

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One response to “Brian Irvine Composing #mufuNI Feb 2014

  1. Adie moffett

    This was a superb workshop first rate.

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