Social Media: the story of #mfpilot2013 and what we learned

Take, Use, Innovate, Share.

#mfpilot2013 began as a pilot project for a new Musical Futures approach to singing and mobile technology in the classroom. Ordinarily, the pilot would have been open to applications from schools and chosen on the basis of geographical location and quality of application. Musical Futures received over 100 applications for just 15 pilot places including some from overseas so we decided to open a ‘co-pilot’ to run alongside it. All the training that was given to the pilot teachers would be filmed and made available on our website as it happened. Co-pilots would sign up via our website and receive emails directing them to the resources they would need and a hashtag and weekly chat on Twitter was put into place as a means for teachers to discuss how it was going. A sharing space was created for teachers to pin audio, video and other resources they created and over 220 items were shared. Teachers were willing to share work even if it wasn’t polished or the outcomes weren’t as good as they would have liked and as result we were able to tweak the final resources and respond to issues teachers faced via the website. This meant that the final ‘Find Your Voice‘ resources were truly collaborative and are currently being consolidated and shared via a series of free training days running across the UK in 2014.

By going through this process, we were able to experiment with the best use of social media to engage with our target audience for MF and as a result have now built an online learning community that gather weekly around the hashtag #mufuchat. Below are some of the tools we have found useful during the process.

*Tools of the trade*

1. Twitter management tools



2. Archiving/Blogging tools




Examples of blogs

Teacher blog with a discussion forum embedded 

Teaching Gems

Musical Futures Blog

Example of a MF Live Blog 

Other ways to use your blog/website

Embed a sign up form



Closed FB group 

Other great tools

Music Teacher Network: Ning

Padlet sharing space



Anna’s Top Tips

1. Define your strategy and your ‘online persona’ and be consistent in what you put out within this

2. Use social media yourself and base your posts on your personal preferences and observe online behaviours of your target audiences

3. Direct as much as you can to your website and do it in a way that is instant, relevant and concise

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