Year 9 Katie on assessment in music

Music Education Now

Martin Fautley@DrFautley

All those things @tallgirlwgc How long before, as @Johnfinney8 predicted, SLTs realise they need subdivided grades? Sublevels reborn!

Anna G@tallgirlwgc

@DrFautley@Johnfinney8 my 8 year old son is now a B2. I said look just tell me is he on, at or below average for his age. That’s all I need

John finney@Johnfinney8

@tallgirlwgc@DrFautley But Anna doesn’t that require some kind of bench marking of standards (levels)?

Anna G@tallgirlwgc

@Johnfinney8@DrFautley I prefer, what would an 8 year old be expected to be able to do in xyz subject and how does mine match up to this

Kirsty Hirst@Booza69

@tallgirlwgc@Johnfinney8@DrFautley what about students who haven’t had the same exposure as others?

John finney@Johnfinney8


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