#mufu2014: Work Hard, Play Hard


All sessions and live blogs from our January 23rd-24th conference will be accessible from here. Not at the conference? Don’t worry you can follow it as it happens!

1. Start by downloading the Conference 2014 plan with links

Each session links to a live blog that will be developed as the sessions happen.

2. Get involved. You can tweet questions, thoughts and ideas by following @musicalfutures and using the #mufu2014 hashtag.

3. Use the ideas yourself and add your audio/video to one of our sharing spaces 

4. Continue the conversation by joining us for #mufuchat 8.30pm GMT Wednesdays

5. Download the Musical Futures (The App) free from 23rd Jan. You can register interest HERE

Read more about our amazing venue for #mufu2014 HERE – Not your average conference venue….


One response to “#mufu2014: Work Hard, Play Hard

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